Album Of The Week! RSD – Good Energy (A Singles Collection)

Boomkat sums this collection from 2009 up perfectly…..”Rob Smith is the veteran dub controller behind the RSD moniker. Of course, any ‘step head worth his DMZ t-shirt should know that, but if you’re not familiar, then ‘Good Energy’ is an excellent place to get to know him better. Rob’s been at the centre of Bristol’s Sound System culture since 1987, originally producing alongside Ray Smith as the hugely influential Smith & Mighty, who can be held in regard as the precursor to a long line of Bristolian legends stretching from Massive Attack to the Full Cycle crew. While he’s never stopped producing, the last few years have seen Rob swing his SoundSystem weighted subs into the Dubstep curve, providing a slew of highlights on Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label and Pinch’s Tectonic and earwax outlets, succinctly connecting Bristol’s heritage with todays styles. On this killer set Punch Drunk compile the fruits of the last three years work with gems taken from his relases on the aforementioned imprints, besides cuts for Angels Egg and Dub Related, giving you the comprehensive sound of Bristol’s learned underground. Overweight!”


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