Trinity Music & Jungle Splash present: SOUND SYSTEM SOCIAL CLUB

On December 7, 2012 Trinity Music London (INI, Sound System Social Club) team up with the mighty Jungle Splash to bring you two of the hardest hand-built sound systems playing bass-driven music this side of the river at their Sound System Social Club. Jungle Splash, the innovators behind Jungle Dub, have been running dances for 15 years, shaping the evolution of Roots music within electronic forms. Trinity promotes Reggae, Hip-Hop and Jungle music in a roots and culture style and fashion, which they call Sound System Music, as all these forms evolved on hand-built Reggae Sound Systems alongside homegrown artists. The Sound System Social Club is where Sound System Music meets Jungle Dub!
In this classic meeting of styles, young bloods Unit 137 Sound System out of Lewisham will host the Trinity family: Hylu & Jago (onlyjoe), Lionpulse Sound (Bristol), Sleepy Time Ghost and Phoebe Irondread (Congo Natty), playing only the finest Sound System Music.
The brand new Digital Niyabinghi Sound System will also be representing in full force, exploring the sounds of Jungle Dub with Paul Ibiza, Winston Runtingz, Captain Scarlet and vocalists Tremma T and Beefy at the helm!
And as if that wasn’t enough, Glaswegian Dub Heavyweights of international renown, Mungo’s HiFi, will be in attendance for a Special Guest DJ set on the Unit 137 Sound System. Having worked with everyone from Soom T to Tippa Irie, this crew is famous for making dancehalls shake around the world with their unique Digidub-flavoured productions.

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