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The dancehall rulers from the Far East come fi mash it up! When Part2Style come to play they always bring a serious arsenal of dubplates to kill any soundbwoy in session! They’ve kindly recorded this exclusive mix for Reggae Roast to accompany an interview we did with their crew member Mal.

Make sure you check the full interview below!

1. Intro.
2. Brother Culture – Pop Round(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
3. Protoje – Our Time Come(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
4. Charlie P – Salud(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
5. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
6. Solo Banton – Music Addict(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
7. Kenny Knotts – Watch How The People Dancing(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
8. Jah Screechy – Walk & Skank(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
9. Carl Meeks – Haul & Pull Up Selector(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
10. Tippa Irie – P2S Wicked & Wild(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
11. Top Cat – Everyday(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
12. PART2STYLE SOUND feat. Charlie-P – Sound Man Anthem
13. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Solo Banton – Sleepng Lion
14. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Tippa Irie – Raggamuffin
15. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Parly B – Rub a dub Market
16. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Color T – Hot Like We
17. Shanti D – Unknown(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
18. Everton Blender – Jumbo Jet(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
19. Carl Meeks – Come A Dance(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
20. Cian Finn – Babylon Sky(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
21. General Levy – Incredible(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
22. Mr.Williamz & Mungo’s Hi Fi – RAM DANCE FASTER(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)

23. Clint Eastwood General Saint – Another One Bites The Dust(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)



RR: For those of our followers who haven’t come across Part2Style (although they should have!) can you please introduce yourselves?

P2S: We are the sound crew based in Tokyo Japan. We run across the world with a keyword “Future Ragga” and our original tunes and unique dubplates. We are also releasing the titles to the world from our label “Future Ragga”.

RR: Every time we hear a P2S set they are always packed full of dubplates & exclusives, how important do you think having dubs is to a selector in today’s scene?

P2S: Since we make our own tracks, exclusive tunes is an inevitable progression. To build a good relationship with artists while we link with them and to represent them as our artist and they represent us as their sound, it will lead both of us an originality. So I always focus on the exclusiveness.

RR: You fly the flag highly for Japan, what is the scene like out there?

P2S: A short while ago, Reggae scenes in Japan was based on Jamaica and it was above anything else. But since we perform actively, scenes and fans start to broaden their perspective of reggae music. This movement is getting big every second.

RR: What are your thoughts on the UK scene and who are your favourite Soundsystems?

P2S: It is different from Jamaican scene and I feel the uniqueness. There is many artist varied in personalities. And fans really love reggae music so we consistently do our best to offer a guarantee of wickedness. Our favorite sound system is Mungo’s Hi-fi, they are the tuffest! and our favorite sound crew is REGGAE ROAST, we really respect your movement.

RR: Is there anything you’d like say regarding the big vinyl / digital debate?

P2S: We still love vinyl and dig the songs, and we try to release the songs from our label in vinyl format as possible. But when we play as a sound, most of the songs we play is dubplate and self-produced tunes so we play them in digital format. I think these debate would go on for ever but I think every person is different and we all have our own style so I don’t mind which format people use. low rate and quality of mp3 format is out of the question though.

RR: What are your top three tunes at the moment?

P2S: This is difficult question to answer because we listen to many genres and our favorite songs changed every second lol.

RR: You’ve played pretty much every major music festival, have you got any highlights?

P2S: I guess Outlook Festival was the most highlights. Especially this year, when we played at Dub Smugglers stage on the previous night of Outlook. I felt the everyones energy and motivation toward Outlook Festival. They were ready to party!

RR: Which artists influenced you when you were starting out and which artists continue to inspire you?

P2S: I use to listen to the tapes from Jamaica and was inpire by 80’s and 90’s Jamaican sound system. But today, I get inspire from artist and players outside Jamaica. Especially from the other genres. We have “Ragga” attitude in our background so any musics we absorb, it will turn out to be our colors.

RR: You recently started the Future Ragga label, what was the thought process behind starting a record label?

P2S: It was necessary result. Back in 80’s, every sound system in Jamaica owned their label and they experimentally played their dubplate at the dance. So, “make the tracks”, “play at the dance”, “release the songs that mash up the crowd” is efficient and from the fans feedback, we can drop our individual color to the tunes.

RR: What are Part2Style’s plans for 2014?

P2S: We are going to release the songs that will amaze every reggae fans in the world. So you can count on us.


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