Tune Of The Day! Jamaican All Stars – All Rudies In Jail

Something completely different from the Cubiculo Records gang!

The Jamaica All Stars were born after the release of the movie “Portraits Of Jamaican Music”, according to its director Pierre Marc Simonin, “Bringing back these legends on stage was for me the way to honor them.”

More than this, the idea was to create new opportunities for the people to meet them in different ways, especially during workshops. It has been done and well be done again with the joyful enthusiasm of young students that are happy to meet Jamaica stars, Sparrow confirms: “Just like in the Alpha Boy´s School (of which he is the musical director), we are here to give happiness and teach the little we know.

Jamaica All Stars is composed by Skully Simms, Vin Gordon, Laraque, Bunny Robinson, BB. Bassy, Junior Wilson and Trevor Thomson, Ken G.

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