MC Navigator’s Top 5 Soundsystem Tracks

In the lead up to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend we asked the mighty MC Navigator about his favourite soundsystem tracks!

1. EXIT ~ Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown is my favourite singer of all time. This track was one of the first digital Dancehall hits that took reggae into a new dimension in the mid 80s. Memories of chatting over the version in 4 Aces club Dalston on Unity with Deman Rockers & Flinty Badman flood my mind. Simply Classic.

2. AFTER ALL ~ King Everald

I first heard this track on dubplate in 1985 when I acquired my first Youthman Promotion cassette. That was the era when people like Tenor Saw, Colourman, Blacka T,  Dona P and Yami Bolo started their careers as artists. I must big up Sugar Minott for having the vision to guide and nurture these young fresh artists of that time. I rewound that tape so much it broke in the end and I had to open the cassette casing and fix it with cello-tape because I loved it so much. 

3. PICK A SOUND ~ Selah Collins

This track was one of those choons where you had hold on to a girl and wind and go down. Classic Unity release that used to tear up dances all over the UK sung by a really soulful reggae singer the great Selah Collins.

4. SERIOUS TIME ~ Admiral Tibet

Another HUGE track that used to mash up dance back in the 80s. It still packs just as much of a punch nowadays as it did back then. Real lyrics, still relevant, still drawn by top sound system selectors. Real singer, Real Classic!!

5. TRIALS & CROSSES ~ Nitty Gritty

Big man choon from back in the day by a bad man singer Nitty Gritty (RIP) guaranteed wheel and pull up in a dancehall and many sound boys got buried with the specials he sang for certain sounds. This riddim straight pepper!!

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