Reggae Roast takeover Trojan Records Spotify!


Throughout August, Reggae Roast take charge of This Is Trojan, with 14 of our favourite Trojan tracks added to the spotify playlist every Friday morning over the next 4 weeks.

Founding member, James Harper, who has selected the tracks had the following to say regarding his affinity with Trojan and reggae music as a whole:

“I was first introduced to reggae through my older half-brother who was an avid collector in the 80’s. He was mad into his digital reggae and dancehall and collected 100’s of yard tapes. I was about 5 then. But it wasn’t until quite a bit later on that I really discovered Trojan through my local Caribbean bar/ restaurant when I was about 15.

The guy who owned the restaurant had loads of old Studio 1 and Trojan vinyl that he stored under the stairs in the venue and he’d play them on a Friday night when we were in there eating and drinking. When I started listening to them I realised that I already knew a lot of the rhythms that I heard my brother play as a kid. 

I realised that Trojan and Studio 1 Records and other, similar labels were responsible for so much music that I knew and had influenced so much more. It was then that I started collecting reggae and haven’t stopped since.

There so much music to discover, you could go on forever. The restaurant was called Posh Nosh and I played my first ever DJ gig there, so that place has a important place in my heart.”

Date by Adam Prescott| Categories: Documentaries, Mixes, Reggae Roast