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Tune Of The Day – Busy Singnal – The Gambler

Tune Of The Day – The Gambler – Busy Signal

Tune of the day today come courtesy of Busy Signal – This reggae meets country cover of the Kenny Rogers original is something bit different from one of Jamaicas leading dancehall artists. Tune on to Rodigans show on the BBC to hear the newest and best Reggae from JA to UK and beyond.

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Tune Of The Day – Jahkron – Big 45 EP

Brand new banger out of the NICE UP! camp, coming from Israeli newcomer Jahrkon. Big heavy bass and jungle vibes are all over this, with a nice nod to the old school by way of some old soundclash samples. Brazil’s Jam Thieves go hard on the remix for the title track “Big 45″ featuring UK mic veteran Rubi Dan – looking forward to hearing more from this producer!


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A Jamaican Bobsleigh Team In The Winter Olympics!



For much of the sports world, their focus has shifted ahead several months to this summer’s Fifa World Cup in Brazil. The biggest sporting event in the world comes only once every four years, so it’s only natural that the hype for Brazil 2014 is off the charts—even as we’re still in the depths of winter.

At sports sites ranging from personal blogs run by fans to , there is already extensive coverage of the World Cup. This includes analysis of the draw, predictions for various teams, and more. The prediction mill only figures to heat up the closer we get to the actual event, and it will keep fans engaged until then.

In the world of gaming, the hype is high as well. In fact, FIFA 14 is topping all major console game sales throughout the UK for several months now, as noted by Metro. It’s always popular, but the FIFA series is getting a boost because this release coincides with the World Cup. The attention being paid to the event is evident elsewhere, too, including the online gambling world. At the Betfair Casino, there are games modeled after soccer and there’s even one specifically World Cup-themed. It’s “World Cup Heroes 2,” a game that both highlights the super-popular event and allows you to win some cash if luck is on your side.

As you can tell, excitement for World Cup 2014 is rampant and it will only figures intensify as we approach the event. But for sports fans interested in international competition, there’s actually something to pay attention to long before the World Cup arrives: the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off in Sochi on February 7th, and should include some truly spectacular international sports competitions.

The Winter Olympics appeal to more of a niche audience than the Summer Olympics, or even the World Cup, but this year there’s something that any fan can appreciate. That’s particularly true for those who appreciate reggae and its roots in Jamaican culture, because the Jamaicans are sending a bobsleigh team to the Winter Olympics!

Qualifying for the first time since 2002, the Jamaican team will compete in the two-man bobsleigh event, largely thanks to massive financial support from fans. As written by, the Jamaican team will benefit from over $120,000 (or £72,498.84) raised online through fan donations and support. The team, which features veteran bobsleigh competitors Wayne Blackwood and Marvin Dixon, has trained hard for the last four years to end Jamaica’s drought in the Winter Olympic event. They will use the funds they raised to cover training costs, among other things.

For those unaware of the significance of this event or wondering why so many fans financially back a two-man bobsleigh team, much of the excitement dates back to the 1993 film Cool Runnings. It offered a goofy and fact-based look at the first-ever Jamaican bobsleigh team to qualify for the Winter Olympics. Cool Runnings became an immensely popular film, and even a “cult favourite” among certain audiences. It also turned the idea of a Jamaican bobsleigh team into something that an entire generation of fans can appreciate.

If you like to watch sports and consider yourself a fan of Jamaican culture—through reggae music or otherwise—you have something to tune into well in advance of the 2014 World Cup. Check out the Sochi Winter Olympics and cheer on that Jamaican bobsleigh team!


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Tune Of The Day! – Kingston – Pentateuch

It seems like their’s a real Roots revival coming out of Jamaica at the moment with a some wicked bands singers taking reggae back to where it came from.

This happens to be one of our favourite tunes of the moment from a wicked young band called Pentateuch. This will defo be getting dropped at Sunday Skank so come down to Camden on Sunday to to hear it load and proud.

More info on Sunday Skank HERE

Check the video for Kingston from Pentateuch.

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TUNE OF THE DAY – The Drop – Turning Around – From Their new FREE EP

The Drop are one of the most exciting up and coming UK dub bands and have been around for a few years now, and after a short hiatus it seems they are coming back hard having spent their time recording a whole heap of new material.

Their first offering is the ‘Turning Around EP’ which is available to download for free or for a donation which they will be using to finish off their feature length album, so be fair and give generously so they can get their album out asap!-


Here is the video and title track from their EP Turning Around!

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Tune Of The Day! Sensi Skank – Ruben Da Silva

Today’s tune of the day is one from the Reggae Roast archives – Sensi Skank by Ruben Da Silva.

You can catch Ruben performing this track and many more at Reggae Roast Sunday Skank – this Sunday @ The Lock Tavern, in Camden Town from 3pm – 11pm – FREE ENTRY ALL DAY

For more info on our Sunday session click HERE

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Tune Of The Day – Brand New Bangarang – Mungo’s Hi Fi & Scotch Bonnet

Brand new album from Mungo’s Hi Fi and Kenny Knots on the Scotch Bonnet imprint. This one the title track from the album “Brand New Bangarang”. Fyah

Mungo’s Hi Fi smashed up the dance at Plan B on Saturday. Check here for info on our next dance with Channel One, Trojan Sound and more –















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Going out? try this helping hand.

Here at Reggae Roast we are always looking for exciting new venue’s and events. This site highlights the best nightclubs in london as well as bars restaurants and everything else.

There are loads of deals and special offers as well. Well worth checking out.











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London’s biggest reggae dance just got BIGGER, with their tuffest line up EVER!

Reggae Roast’s Jamdown session just keep getting bigger and this time they have raised the bar once more with their biggest line up EVER, showcasing the crem de la crem of the UK Dub movement!







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Tune Of The Day! – Charlie P + Mungo’s Hi Fi – Skidip

Today’s tune of the day is celebrating the fact that both Charlie and Mungo’s Hi Fi Will be representing next Saturday at Reggae roast Jamdown.

This track is off the Mungo’s Hi Fi album Forward Ever released a year or two ago. And if you like this it’s just a taste of things to come as Charl;ie P and Mungo’s Hi Fi have teamed up for a full album collaboration which will be dropping soon on Scotch Bonnet Records. Be one of the first to hear some of the new tracks next saturday

More info and tickets here:














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