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Tour De Force (Dub Stuy) Exclusive Mix & Interview!


























Brand new! Good for you! New York’s finest step forward!
Tour De Force is the production monkier of Dub-Stuy Soundsystem who are responsible for bringing the real sound of Reggae music back to NY. With collabs from some of the biggest Reggae artists from all over the globe and a more exclusive tracks than you can shake a stick at, this mix is a treat from beginning to end! We caught up with the duo ahead of their debut LP release for a little chat about their time in the music industry and what the future holds for them, check it out below…..


RR: For those of our followers who’ve not come across Dub-Stuy before could you give us a brief introduction?

TDF: We’re a sound system crew and label based out of Brooklyn, New York. Specifically, we’re based in an area called Bed-Stuy hence the name Dub-Stuy. Our neighborhood is famous for being one of the birthplace of hip hop in new york. We’re fundamentally a record label and event production crew though we’re also involved in various projects revolving around promoting sound system culture stateside.

RR: We regard having a Soundsystem of one of the fundamental aspects of Reggae music (and we are in the process of building our own), how did you get into soundsystem culture and who are your influences in that arena?

TDF: To us, the sound system being at the root of the music, both historically and conceptually, we knew it was an essential starting point for our project. On top of that, we felt like the standard and appreciation for quality sound has been on a decline here in New York so building a rig was also a statement in that regard.

We’re big fans of foundation sounds such as Channel One, Aba Shanti and obviously Jah Shaka. We also have a lot of respect for sounds like Mungo’s, Stand High and OBF who are taking the message and the culture to a newer audience. In a way, they really paved the way for us.
RR: You’ve recently completed your debut album as ‘Tour De Force’, could you tell us a little bit about the project?

TDF: Tour de Force is the musical project that inspired the genesis of the label. I had been a selector for a while and ended up getting connected to Jay Spaker who had been producing electronic music as Double Tiger. When we met, we realized that we both had the same passion for roots music and a similar vision for expanding the reach of sound system culture beyond its usual niche of dub and reggae. We started collaborating on tracks and that’s how the project started.

I see Tour de Force as the musical manifestation of what we stand for. Connecting the dots between old and new while preaching the gospel of the sound system. There’s also a great deal of inspiration that comes from our environment in Brooklyn in our music. We’re excited to be releasing our first album “Battle Cry” this month and I think it’s a pretty strong statement as to who we are as a crew and sound system.

RR: New York has a very rich history when it comes to Reggae music and you continue to fly the flag for it, what is the scene like there at the moment and where do you see it going?

TDF: Similarly to London, New York has been a major destination point for the West Indian diaspora  so there’s an expansive history of Reggae music and culture here. You can probably find at least 4-5 reggae parties any day of the week and there’s also a vibrant soundclash community. Historically, the focus in New York has been mostly toward dancehall and bashment although there is also an emerging dub/roots scene with labels such as Taitu records, Bent Backs Sound and Liondub among others.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to connect with all the various communities through our events and other label projects. To us, this is the way forward, more collaboration and a better understanding of sound system culture which unites all of us. We hope to serve as an example and with the amount of labels, raw talent and overall creative spirit, we feel like New York is on a verge of a new era for Reggae music.

RR: A lot of the older sounds are deeply rooted in tradition and the music they play reflects that, what do you think sets you apart from the rest?

We’ve long been inspired by roots, culture and foundation and our music and event bookings reflect that. Yet, we are not part of that era nor have any pretense about waxing nostalgia. We’re constantly inspired by new sounds and influences and we feel like there’s an opportunity to move the music and culture forward without diluting it.

RR: Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of getting into building a Soundsystem?

TDF: I would say do your research, take the time to know your rig, know its limits and always strive for perfection. There’s always something new to learn and you constantly need to train your ear, just like playing an instrument. People often get hung up on gear, number of scoops, wattage…  at the end of the day, what really matters is that people are enjoying the experience you’re creating and that you’re making new sound system converts. Also, once the madness begins, get ready to spend a lot money, loose relationships and end up with a broken back!

RR: What are your thoughts on the scene in the UK & Europe?

TDF: The UK scene has always been inspiring, both in terms of music and sound system culture.  It’s been really great to see a significant convergence between the dubstep, dub and sound system community over the past few years. For us, the foundation is really important in maturing the US sound and appreciation, and we’re looking forward to announcing some new projects and partnerships to continue to support sound system culture and bass music in Brooklyn and the States in 2014

RR: Is there anything you’d like to say on the big Vinyl vs. Digital debate?

TDF: Doesn’t matter to us as long as it sounds good on the big rig!

RR: What are your top three tunes at the moment?

Gorgon Sound – Find Jah Way

Don Fe – Jericho

Author – Jah Live On

RR: What are your plans for the future?

TDF: 2014 is going to be a big year for us. First off, we’re releasing our debut  LP “Battle Cry”  this month and have plans to tour in the US and Asia to support the album. We’re also working on a European tour later this fall. More importantly, we want to make more music and connect with more dubheads around the world. Right now is a great time for music. Eventually, we’d like to start developing artists through our label. I think it’s time for us in the states to catch up!

For more info on Dub-Stuy Sound & Tour De Force check out their website:


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Album Of The Week – Prince Fatty Versus The Drunken Gambler

Just what I needed on an otherwise rubbish Monday (after a weekend in a field, drinking rum and listening to reggae @ One Love Festival…….) some new Prince Fatty!!!

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Album Of The Week – Earl 16 – Showcase

Back once again with another Studio One classic LP, watch out for Earl making another appearence on Reggae Roast very soon!!

This one a BIG, BIG, BIG favourite!!

For more info check HERE.

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Album Of The Week! Sluggy Ranks – Ghetto Youth Buss

Today we heard the very sad news that Sluggy Ranks passed away after a car accident, so as mark of respect his seminal LP ‘Ghetto Yout Bust’ is this week’s Album of the Week. Originally released in 1989 this LP firmly put Sluggy on the map and he continued right up until his death to improve and innovate upon an already inimitable style……..

R.I.P Sluggy, maximum respect each and every.

To Buy click HERE

This one a number one sound and as the YouTube description rightly points out “Shaka used to run this one HARD”

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Tune Of The Day! – Out A Line – Lutan Fyah

Getting dropped at Plan B tomo at our next Jamdown Session… with Channel One Sound System, Trojan Sound System, Charlie P, Adam Prescott + Unit 137.

Get your advance tickets for Jamdown HERE

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Album Of The Week! Al Campbell – Working Man

Dancehall legend Al Campbell step forward, backed by Sly & Robbie + The Roots Radics, mixed by Scientist………..Nuff said.



Buy it HERE

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Album Of The Week! Da Grynch – Release The Hounds

Forward thinking dub music from the man like Curtis Lynch. Dub Vendor say it best, “Necessary Mayhem mastermind Curtis Lynch, in his musical guise as Da Grynch, lets loose seven slavering dubwise weapon dogs upon an unsuspecting public with this first instalment of The Dub Chronicles. NM has established itself as one of the best UK labels currently extant, much to Curtis’ credit. This dub set should go a long way to enhancing that hard earned reputation amongst all lovers of dub, appealing to both old and new school adherents. Lynch maintains the highest standards possible for his releases, this is reflected in the eye-catching sleeve – a homage to Tony McDermot’s classic Greensleeves’ Scientist sleeves – by Ellen G of My Lord Graphics. Highly recommended.”


For more info click HERE.

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Album Of The Week! RSD – Good Energy (A Singles Collection)

Boomkat sums this collection from 2009 up perfectly…..”Rob Smith is the veteran dub controller behind the RSD moniker. Of course, any ‘step head worth his DMZ t-shirt should know that, but if you’re not familiar, then ‘Good Energy’ is an excellent place to get to know him better. Rob’s been at the centre of Bristol’s Sound System culture since 1987, originally producing alongside Ray Smith as the hugely influential Smith & Mighty, who can be held in regard as the precursor to a long line of Bristolian legends stretching from Massive Attack to the Full Cycle crew. While he’s never stopped producing, the last few years have seen Rob swing his SoundSystem weighted subs into the Dubstep curve, providing a slew of highlights on Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label and Pinch’s Tectonic and earwax outlets, succinctly connecting Bristol’s heritage with todays styles. On this killer set Punch Drunk compile the fruits of the last three years work with gems taken from his relases on the aforementioned imprints, besides cuts for Angels Egg and Dub Related, giving you the comprehensive sound of Bristol’s learned underground. Overweight!”


For more info check HERE.

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Album Of The Week! The Viceroys – Inna De Yard

I hope everyone had a good Bank Holiday! I’m still running on Jubilee time so hence the delay in Album Of The Week, this one worth the wait however…..

For all the Digi-Dub, Dancehall & UK Steppers I post about on here, sometimes you can’t beat a few man with Guitar, Drum & Bass. Real Roots style an’ that. So step forward The Viceroys, a crucial vocal harmony group from the Golden age of Roots, with a conscious & stripped back yet tough Live LP. Check it out HERE


It’s also worth mentioning that Junior Murvin, Kiddus I, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, The Mighty Diamonds & Linval Thompson have also had their own ‘Inna De Yard’ LP’s. For more info reach HERE.

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Album Of The Week! Rod Taylor – Lonely Girl

We’re back! (Well rather I am but oh well). After a brief hiatus from the ol’ blog I’m back with some more music for your mental.

Step forward Rod Taylor! I’ve been a massive fan of Rod ever since I first got into Roots music and this is my favourite LP he’s done. It isn’t difficult to see why when you see who is involved. Mixed at King Tubby’s by Scientist, backed by the Roots Radics and produced by the man himself & King Culture.

You can buy the re-release LP HERE or check the Original HERE, however for a quick soundbite listen keenly to this………

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