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Danny Wilder Exhibition!

Alvarado Gallery and Light Eye Mind present two of Wilder’s  most beautiful paintings. Kindly donated by a private collector to auction, helping Danny Wilder’s band, Kings of the City (KOTC) to reach their £10,000 target to be able to release the album that Danny worked on with an endless dedication until his death at the tender age of 27 years old on 3rd October 2013.  Danny Wilder, a prolific artist and musician was born on the 6th Febuary 1985. He graduated in 2010 w/ Fine Art from Middlesex University.

For more info check the Kickstarter campaign page here:




















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Tune Of The Day! Brother Culture – Sound Killer

Dis ya one ah Sound Killer! Catch Brother Culture & Manasseh joining us at our Carnival After Party this Sunday!

More info here:

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Sweet Pure Reggae at The Jazz Cafe!

This one’s looking like it’s gonna be a good’un! Catch Delly Ranks, Ras Charmer & Gappy Ranks inna Camden town in just over a week! For more info click here………Sweet Pure Reggae

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Tune Of The Day! DJ Vadim – Nah Join (Feat. YT)

We cannae wait for our Soundsystem launch this weekend, so today we’re bustin out some tracks from the artists performing. Here’s one from two of them!

Info on the launch party:

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Tune Of The Day! King Kong – Paro Dem Paro

Killa dancehall business from King Kong! Can’t wait to test this on our Soundsystem this weekend!

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Exclusive Mix & Interview from DJ Vadim!

We’re launching the Reggae Roast Soundsystem this weekend and we’ve asked the legendary DJ Vadim to join us on the set! Vadim kindly recorded this ruffneck mix to promote the session and you can download it for free!

Info on our Soundsystem Launch Party here:

We also caught up Vadim to talk about his latest LP ‘Dubcatcher’ and his time in the music industry….

1. Easy Vadim! Let’s get the introductions out of the way; can you let our readers know a little bit about yourself?

I am a DJ / Producer hailing from East London! I started DJing in 1989 and making music in ’92. I released my first record in ’95, signed to Ninja Tune in ’96. Stylistically I specialise in Reggae / Hip-Hop. Anything from Lover’s Rock, Ska, Roots, Dubby stuff, Digital Bashment, Dancehall, Jungle and of course Hip-Hop to get the people jumping… love my soul too…

2. You’ve been very busy as of late with your new album ‘Dubcatcher’ which is something a little bit different from your previous works, what inspired the change?

It’s not so much a change, more of a progression or evolution. From the very first record I ever made Reggae has been an huge influence. Especially listening to artists like Yabby You, Sly & Robbie, Coxsonne etc… so yeah, the new album is a walk more into the Reggae sides but its always been there, it’s not like I used to do Techno and now Reggae!!! I’ve been collaborating with Demolition Man since 2001 so that’s 13 years!!! I think also music has gone full circle and a lot of people are exploring the roots of the Bass music surge we have now and as a producer I guess I have been expoloring that too.

3. Soundsystem is the cornerstone of Reggae based music and you are joining us for the launch of our brand new one this month, who are your favourite sounds and why?

Well there are so many… Channel One kill it but so does Shaka…. so many good sounds out there and not just from London but Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool… I think YT names nearly every sound in the UK on his song ‘England Story’!

4. You’ve worked with some of the greats throughout your career, which artist(s) really stand out for you?

Well Demolition Man and me go back long time and so does Yarah Bravo…

5. I read somewhere that you do close to 200 shows every year! How do you find the time to still make music so prolifically and tour to that extent?

hahaha well you’ve got to pay the phone bill somehow!
I make most of my music on my laptop then come home and finish it off in the studio.

6. The video from the first single from ‘Dubcatcher’, ‘Hope’, you showed off your collection of vintage turntables, does vinyl still hold much appeal for you?

Of course. I love the black crack,  I still have shit loads of records…music does sound so much better on vinyl. Unfortunately most people may never truly hear how good music can really be, I suppose it’s a bit like comparing Mcdonald’s to a real home cooked meal!

7. Seeing as you’ve lived all over the world, what’s your favourite city and why?

Well I always seem to come back to London!!

8. What would be an average day for you at the moment?

Right now it’s been decorating for the last 3 weeks, I’m doing my whole house up. It’s been 10 years so far so there’s a lot to do. In general aside from that it’s really varied, anything from answering emails, social network stuff to driving to airports, train stations, flights, never ever getting good wi-fi connection, iPhone battery dying on me to (if I’m lucky!) being in the studio and making music!

9. What are your top three tunes currently?

Dreadsquad  – Boom Tune
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Serious Time
Ghost Writerz – Back It Up

10. What’s next for DJ Vadim?

More people to get dancing, more music to make, more life to live and hopefully enjoy!

Fore more info on DJ Vadim check out his website here:

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Tune Of The Day! Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Serious Time (Feat. YT)

Serious! Another big tune from the Mungo’s Hi-Fi crew featuring the one like YT! Remember you can catch YT, Mr. Williamz & their Innerheart Band at our Soundsystem launch party this weekend!

More info here:

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Tune Of The Day! Reggae Roast – Soundsystem (Feat. Brother Culture)

In case you missed this last week, we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s best MC’s, Brother Culture, to give away a heavyweight riddim to celebrate the launch of our brand new, custom built Soundsystem!

For more information on the launch party click here!

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Tune Of The Day! Solution Soundsystem – Original Veteran (Feat. Sandeeno)

A real ruff & tuff slice of UK Reggae from one of our favourite soundsystems. Certified peak time bubbler!

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Keep Channel One Soundsystem At Carnival!

Uk soundsystem & Notting Hill Carnival veterans have had several objections to their licence application for their annual Notting Hill Carnival appearance.  The Council are taking this seriously and we need to fight our corner.

Make sure you sign the online petition HERE….
















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