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Mr. Williamz’ Top 5 Influential Artists

Ahead of Chopstick Dubplate’s next release ‘Wanted – The Remixes’ we asked long time Chopstick collaborator and microphone don, Mr. Williamz, about his lyrical influences….

1. SuperCat – For his style and reality lyrics.

2. Ninjaman – For his live performances.

3. Buju Banton – For the effect of his lyrics in Dancehall.

4. Damian Marley – For his lyrical content and solid production style.

5. Junior Reid – For his style and also staying current throughout the years.

Check out Chopstick Dubplate – ‘Wanted – The Remixes’ below….

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Reggae Roast Live Mix on Capital Xtra for Ras Kwame

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to put together a mix for the legendary Ras Kwame for his Reggae Recipe radio show on Capital Xtra! Check the link below to listen :)

Reggae Roast Live Mix For Ras Kwame (Capital Xtra) by Reggae Roast on Mixcloud

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MC Navigator’s Top 5 Soundsystem Tracks

In the lead up to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend we asked the mighty MC Navigator about his favourite soundsystem tracks!

1. EXIT ~ Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown is my favourite singer of all time. This track was one of the first digital Dancehall hits that took reggae into a new dimension in the mid 80s. Memories of chatting over the version in 4 Aces club Dalston on Unity with Deman Rockers & Flinty Badman flood my mind. Simply Classic.

2. AFTER ALL ~ King Everald

I first heard this track on dubplate in 1985 when I acquired my first Youthman Promotion cassette. That was the era when people like Tenor Saw, Colourman, Blacka T,  Dona P and Yami Bolo started their careers as artists. I must big up Sugar Minott for having the vision to guide and nurture these young fresh artists of that time. I rewound that tape so much it broke in the end and I had to open the cassette casing and fix it with cello-tape because I loved it so much. 

3. PICK A SOUND ~ Selah Collins

This track was one of those choons where you had hold on to a girl and wind and go down. Classic Unity release that used to tear up dances all over the UK sung by a really soulful reggae singer the great Selah Collins.

4. SERIOUS TIME ~ Admiral Tibet

Another HUGE track that used to mash up dance back in the 80s. It still packs just as much of a punch nowadays as it did back then. Real lyrics, still relevant, still drawn by top sound system selectors. Real singer, Real Classic!!

5. TRIALS & CROSSES ~ Nitty Gritty

Big man choon from back in the day by a bad man singer Nitty Gritty (RIP) guaranteed wheel and pull up in a dancehall and many sound boys got buried with the specials he sang for certain sounds. This riddim straight pepper!!

Check out Navigator’s latest EP On Liondub & Navigator’s new merger label; Liondub ODT Muzik… below, 4 cool & deadly Jungle cuts primed and ready for Carnival!

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Vibration Lab Interview

Version Girl met up with the deadly duo that is Vibration Lab at their studio in Devon….


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Jah Shaka – Red Bull Music Academy Lecture 2014 in Tokyo

Essential viewing for all….

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Exclusive Mix & Interview from DJ Vadim!

We’re launching the Reggae Roast Soundsystem this weekend and we’ve asked the legendary DJ Vadim to join us on the set! Vadim kindly recorded this ruffneck mix to promote the session and you can download it for free!

Info on our Soundsystem Launch Party here:

We also caught up Vadim to talk about his latest LP ‘Dubcatcher’ and his time in the music industry….

1. Easy Vadim! Let’s get the introductions out of the way; can you let our readers know a little bit about yourself?

I am a DJ / Producer hailing from East London! I started DJing in 1989 and making music in ’92. I released my first record in ’95, signed to Ninja Tune in ’96. Stylistically I specialise in Reggae / Hip-Hop. Anything from Lover’s Rock, Ska, Roots, Dubby stuff, Digital Bashment, Dancehall, Jungle and of course Hip-Hop to get the people jumping… love my soul too…

2. You’ve been very busy as of late with your new album ‘Dubcatcher’ which is something a little bit different from your previous works, what inspired the change?

It’s not so much a change, more of a progression or evolution. From the very first record I ever made Reggae has been an huge influence. Especially listening to artists like Yabby You, Sly & Robbie, Coxsonne etc… so yeah, the new album is a walk more into the Reggae sides but its always been there, it’s not like I used to do Techno and now Reggae!!! I’ve been collaborating with Demolition Man since 2001 so that’s 13 years!!! I think also music has gone full circle and a lot of people are exploring the roots of the Bass music surge we have now and as a producer I guess I have been expoloring that too.

3. Soundsystem is the cornerstone of Reggae based music and you are joining us for the launch of our brand new one this month, who are your favourite sounds and why?

Well there are so many… Channel One kill it but so does Shaka…. so many good sounds out there and not just from London but Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool… I think YT names nearly every sound in the UK on his song ‘England Story’!

4. You’ve worked with some of the greats throughout your career, which artist(s) really stand out for you?

Well Demolition Man and me go back long time and so does Yarah Bravo…

5. I read somewhere that you do close to 200 shows every year! How do you find the time to still make music so prolifically and tour to that extent?

hahaha well you’ve got to pay the phone bill somehow!
I make most of my music on my laptop then come home and finish it off in the studio.

6. The video from the first single from ‘Dubcatcher’, ‘Hope’, you showed off your collection of vintage turntables, does vinyl still hold much appeal for you?

Of course. I love the black crack,  I still have shit loads of records…music does sound so much better on vinyl. Unfortunately most people may never truly hear how good music can really be, I suppose it’s a bit like comparing Mcdonald’s to a real home cooked meal!

7. Seeing as you’ve lived all over the world, what’s your favourite city and why?

Well I always seem to come back to London!!

8. What would be an average day for you at the moment?

Right now it’s been decorating for the last 3 weeks, I’m doing my whole house up. It’s been 10 years so far so there’s a lot to do. In general aside from that it’s really varied, anything from answering emails, social network stuff to driving to airports, train stations, flights, never ever getting good wi-fi connection, iPhone battery dying on me to (if I’m lucky!) being in the studio and making music!

9. What are your top three tunes currently?

Dreadsquad  – Boom Tune
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Serious Time
Ghost Writerz – Back It Up

10. What’s next for DJ Vadim?

More people to get dancing, more music to make, more life to live and hopefully enjoy!

Fore more info on DJ Vadim check out his website here:

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Keep Channel One Soundsystem At Carnival!

Uk soundsystem & Notting Hill Carnival veterans have had several objections to their licence application for their annual Notting Hill Carnival appearance.  The Council are taking this seriously and we need to fight our corner.

Make sure you sign the online petition HERE….
















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Start Dreading The News Interview Earl 16!

Our friends over at Start Dreading The News are back with another top interview from one of Reggae music’s most prolific artists, Earl 16…..

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Win tickets to see Cornel Campbell!

We have been given two tickets to see the mighty Cornel Campbell in Camden this Saturday alongside The Soothsayers to give away to one lucky reader, all you have to do is answer the following question….

Q: What’s the name of Cornel Campbell’s debut album released by Trojan in 1973?

Please send your answer to, winners will be informed by email on Thursday 10th July.

For more info on the gig click HERE.

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Tune Of The Day! The Drop – Waiting For **OUT TODAY**

We’re excited to announce that our latest release, The Drop – ‘Waiting For’, is out today! The single also features mixes from LV (Hyperdub) & The Future Dub Project and you can pick it up from all good digital download sites! Check the video out below……

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