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Reggae Roast Live Mix on Capital Xtra for Ras Kwame

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to put together a mix for the legendary Ras Kwame for his Reggae Recipe radio show on Capital Xtra! Check the link below to listen :)

Reggae Roast Live Mix For Ras Kwame (Capital Xtra) by Reggae Roast on Mixcloud

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Exclusive Mix from Adam Prescott

For our 20th episode we’ve asked our in-house dub enthusiast Adam Prescott to step up once again! Featuring a whole heap of one-away dubplates, alternative mixes and unreleased tracks including sneak previews of Adam’s debut LP on Reggae Roast, ‘Warrior’, this mix is heavyweight from start to finish!

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Tune(s) Of The Day! Trojan Sound System selection!

Seeing as it’s Friday & The Big Payback tonight it’s only right that today’s Tune Of The Day is extended (ever so slightly!)

Trojan Sound System rock & come in!

Check the event here:

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Exclusive Mix from The Nextmen!

We’re pleased to announce the next installment of our critically acclaimed podcast series! Step forward UK legends The Nextmen!

The Nextmen are a production/songwriting powerhouse consisting of Dom Search & Brad Baloo. Often incorporating hip-hop drum sets and electronic basslines into their sound, they have worked with many artists from the UK, US and Jamaica.

The Nextmen are one of the many artists we have signed up to play at our next soundsystem session aka The Big Payback in Brixton on April 17th 2015.

More info on the session here:


RR Podcast Volume 18: The Nextmen’s Crucial Cuts by Reggae Roast on Mixcloud

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Exclusive Mix from J:Kenzo!

UK Bass music pioneer, J:Kenzo, has kindly recorded this thundering mix for the most recent edition of our podcast series! J is a much sought after player in the world of Underground Music blending his signature sound of Dub Dread Vibes with echoes of Jungle and Techno….

With serminal releases on Tempa, a show on Rinse FM & residencies at the legendary FWD nights, J is a certified Bass music heavyweight. This mix is a celebration of one of his current projects, running his own label ‘Lion Charge’, which specialises in the darker side of Dub & Soundsystem music….

01. Digital – Dub Mammoth [LIONCHG010]
02. Kaiju – Unity Dub [LIONCHG003]
03. EGOLESS – Dub Heritage [LIONCHG DUB]
04. D-Operation Drop – Rockin’ Da Nation (Sound Control Fiyah Dub Remix) [LIONCHG DUB]
05. Digid – Revolution Sound [LIONCHG DUB]
06. EGOLESS – From Dust To Dub [LIONCHG009]
07. Ipman & Killawatt – Runaway Version [LIONCHG002]
08. D-Operation Drop – Addis Abeba [LIONCHG006]
09. Digital – Informer [LIONCHG010}
10. Digid – Babylon Fall [LIONCHG DUB]
11. Sound Control – Electrocution Dub (VIP Remix) [LIONCHG DUB]

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Exclusive Mix & Interview from DJ Vadim!

We’re launching the Reggae Roast Soundsystem this weekend and we’ve asked the legendary DJ Vadim to join us on the set! Vadim kindly recorded this ruffneck mix to promote the session and you can download it for free!

Info on our Soundsystem Launch Party here:

We also caught up Vadim to talk about his latest LP ‘Dubcatcher’ and his time in the music industry….

1. Easy Vadim! Let’s get the introductions out of the way; can you let our readers know a little bit about yourself?

I am a DJ / Producer hailing from East London! I started DJing in 1989 and making music in ’92. I released my first record in ’95, signed to Ninja Tune in ’96. Stylistically I specialise in Reggae / Hip-Hop. Anything from Lover’s Rock, Ska, Roots, Dubby stuff, Digital Bashment, Dancehall, Jungle and of course Hip-Hop to get the people jumping… love my soul too…

2. You’ve been very busy as of late with your new album ‘Dubcatcher’ which is something a little bit different from your previous works, what inspired the change?

It’s not so much a change, more of a progression or evolution. From the very first record I ever made Reggae has been an huge influence. Especially listening to artists like Yabby You, Sly & Robbie, Coxsonne etc… so yeah, the new album is a walk more into the Reggae sides but its always been there, it’s not like I used to do Techno and now Reggae!!! I’ve been collaborating with Demolition Man since 2001 so that’s 13 years!!! I think also music has gone full circle and a lot of people are exploring the roots of the Bass music surge we have now and as a producer I guess I have been expoloring that too.

3. Soundsystem is the cornerstone of Reggae based music and you are joining us for the launch of our brand new one this month, who are your favourite sounds and why?

Well there are so many… Channel One kill it but so does Shaka…. so many good sounds out there and not just from London but Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool… I think YT names nearly every sound in the UK on his song ‘England Story’!

4. You’ve worked with some of the greats throughout your career, which artist(s) really stand out for you?

Well Demolition Man and me go back long time and so does Yarah Bravo…

5. I read somewhere that you do close to 200 shows every year! How do you find the time to still make music so prolifically and tour to that extent?

hahaha well you’ve got to pay the phone bill somehow!
I make most of my music on my laptop then come home and finish it off in the studio.

6. The video from the first single from ‘Dubcatcher’, ‘Hope’, you showed off your collection of vintage turntables, does vinyl still hold much appeal for you?

Of course. I love the black crack,  I still have shit loads of records…music does sound so much better on vinyl. Unfortunately most people may never truly hear how good music can really be, I suppose it’s a bit like comparing Mcdonald’s to a real home cooked meal!

7. Seeing as you’ve lived all over the world, what’s your favourite city and why?

Well I always seem to come back to London!!

8. What would be an average day for you at the moment?

Right now it’s been decorating for the last 3 weeks, I’m doing my whole house up. It’s been 10 years so far so there’s a lot to do. In general aside from that it’s really varied, anything from answering emails, social network stuff to driving to airports, train stations, flights, never ever getting good wi-fi connection, iPhone battery dying on me to (if I’m lucky!) being in the studio and making music!

9. What are your top three tunes currently?

Dreadsquad  – Boom Tune
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Serious Time
Ghost Writerz – Back It Up

10. What’s next for DJ Vadim?

More people to get dancing, more music to make, more life to live and hopefully enjoy!

Fore more info on DJ Vadim check out his website here:

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Tune Of The Day! The Drop – Waiting For **OUT TODAY**

We’re excited to announce that our latest release, The Drop – ‘Waiting For’, is out today! The single also features mixes from LV (Hyperdub) & The Future Dub Project and you can pick it up from all good digital download sites! Check the video out below……

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Exclusive Mix From The Drop!

To celebrate the release of The Drop’s debut single on Reggae Roast we asked them to put together a mix for a on-going podcast series. Packed full of exclusive tracks and brand new productions, this mix is sure to get you in the mood for summer…..

Check out the new video for ‘Waiting For’ here….

You can pre-order the single on iTunes here…..

‘Waiting For’ includes remixes from LV (Hyperdub) & The Future Dub Project….
Listen to the full release here

Also check out the ‘Waiting For’ single launch party in Camden soon, more info here…..

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Sleepy Time Ghost & Zico (Unit 137) Exclusive Mix & Interview

Back once again! We’re now on Volume 11 of our Podcast series and we thought we’d invite our next #SundaySkank special guests to mash it up! Sleepy Time Ghost & Zico are part of the illustrious Unit 137 crew outta South London and have in some way or another been responsible for the resurgence of UK based Reggae music in recent years. We caught up with duo ahead of their Reggae Roast show to ask them about their time in the music industry and what the future has in store for them.

You can check these guys live & direct next week inna Camden for our #SundaySkank session. For more info CLICK HERE……

RR: Easy lads! Most of the Reggae Roast followers will of course know about you, however, can you give us a brief introduction?

Zico: I am one of the lead singers in the heavyweight UK Reggae band onlyjoe and a member of the Unit 137 family.

Sleepy: I’m a producer & selector and part of Unit 137. Unit 137 is a record label, studio, sound-system and crew. I’m also involved in a project called Ghost Writerz, which is a duo including Jimmy Screech and myself.

RR: Can you tell us a little bit about the history the crews / bands you are both affiliated with?

Zico: I started working with onlyjoe about 4 years ago. I was introduced to some top musicians, who are now some of my top bredrins! Family business! onlyjoe was partly the basis for the creation of Unit 137. We all work very closely on different collaborations. Being a part of onlyjoe and Unit 137 has given me the chance to meet and work with some amazing people. It’s a true blessing!

Sleepy: I first linked up with the crew (Unit 137) about 3 or 4 years ago when it was formerly known as Organix. Back then we mainly put on events and collaborated musically.

RR: We’ve got you both coming down to play at our Sunday Skank session next week, can we expect anything special / brand new from you?

Zico: My first Sunday Skank!!! Really looking forward to it and big shout out to Reggae Roast for the love! I’m sure Sleepy will have a few surprises in his bag!

Sleepy: Definitely expect lots of exclusives! I will be bringing a load of my latest productions, as well as some from the rest of the crew.

RR: Sleepy, you recently released “The Ghost Train Riddim” on Unit 137 for Record Store Day 2014 (on which Zico features), how did that project come about?

Sleepy: I built the riddim a few years back now. We recorded Mikey General on the riddim last year when he was over in the UK. After recording this version it was decided that the riddim was something that could be released on the label, which led to getting the version recorded with Macka B & Zico.

RR: Sleepy, there has been a lot of hype and radio play surrounding your new sound, The Ghost Writerz, can you tell us about the project and what’s next for you?

Sleepy: There is some very exciting stuff in the pipeline. This summer we will be releasing our first full release on a big independent label (soon to be named). We also have remixes coming out on Nice Up! and BBE records, so lots to keep an eye out for. More information is set to drop very soon…

RR: You’ve both no doubt got plenty of festivals booked up this summer, which ones are you looking forward to?

Zico: Boomtown is always epic! Lions Den stage was next level last year, so I am looking forward to that one…

Sleepy: Lots to look forward to this summer. Playing at Boomtown, Boom Bap, Bestival and also the Hell Stage at Glastonbury. Looking forward to them all! Boomtown is always a really special one! We are running our own stage this year alongside Trinity & Lionpulse.

RR: Always a difficult question I know but who are your influences and why?

Zico: Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Gregory Issacs, Alton Ellis, Johnny Clarke, Michael Prophet, Al Campbell…the…list…goes….on! Any singer who can make you feel what they’re singing inna your soul!

Sleepy: All sorts really. I listen to a massive mixture of music. I’ve been blessed to be around some very talented musicians, producers and vocalists who have all helped influence, teach and inspire me over the years.

RR: Top Three Tunes at the moment?


Sleepy: Protoje feat. Chronixx – Who Knows, Capital Letters – Fire, Jacob Miller – Forward Ever Backwards Never

RR: What are your thoughts on the scene in the UK at the moment?

Zico: I think the scene is growing and moving forward! Loads of established acts are doing well, and I know there are great new acts making there way through. Look at how far onlyjoe and Unit 137 have come. Lionpulse Sound in Bristol are representing hard! It’s all about being positive, learning from the old and embracing the new. It can only be good for the scene, seeeeeeeeeen? Seen.

Sleepy: The scene seems to be growing in a really positive way. There are lots of wicked nights happening all across the UK. Young crews, sound-systems and artists are coming through, as well as there being an ever growing appreciation for the more established sound-system’s and artists.

RR: Describe your sound in three words…..



For more info on Unit 137 check out their website:

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Vibration Lab Exclusive Mix & Interview!

Big up Vibration Lab!
This podcast is a must for all fans of that classic 80’s Digi-Dancehall sound! The dynamic duo of Steve & Bazil have dug deep into their personal vinyl collection to find some of the ruffest, rarest & dangerous riddims from the golden era of Digital Reggae…..TUFF!!

We also had a little chat with them about their time in the music industry and what the future has in store……

RR –  Big up! The Reggae Roast regulars will be fully aware of Vibration Lab however for those who aren’t can you give us a brief introduction?

Vibration Lab is production/dj duo Bazil Perryman and Steve Walker and we are based in London however we also have a studio in Devon. We have been doing this project for around four years and we have both been in the music business in one way or another for a long time.

Bazil was a successful producer for decades starting with his band with Daddy Chester called ‘Boom Shak’ and then his own Reggae/Dancehall sound called ‘Notorious’. He was also one of the pioneers of dance music in the West Country and worked as a producer/remixer with the House group ‘The Rurals’ along with his own productions as ‘Cue Kids’. At the same time he ran one of the most successful nights in Bristol for 15 years called ‘Fruity Antics.’ Bazil is also part of a Reggae sound from Exeter called ‘Highest Grade’.

Steve is originally from California and started listening to Reggae music in 1977, first started djing in 1983 and had a 5 year residency in San Jose with his brother as ‘The Brothers Dub.’ He also was a successful House music promoter in the Bay Area and managed several bands. Moving to the UK 14 years ago, he became the label manager for Peng Records where he and Bazil met and decided to form Vibration Lab together.

RR – How did you catch your 1st break into the scene?

There were three things that were significant, the first was when we put our very first tracks on Soundcloud and we were soon contacted by J-Star and then RSD (Rob Smith), so we knew we must be on to something! The second was getting our first gig, which was in Brighton. Mark Dialect contacted us and we did one of the Unity Hi Fi events called Future Dub with Gussie P & Roots Garden, our first time playing out to a decent crowd on a proper Soundsystem! The third was moving up to London and linking with DJ Crises (Mindstep) who took us under his wing!

RR – It’s been a couple of busy years for you guys, what have been the highlights so far?

Highlights so far: Recording with one of our idols Linval Thompson, becoming part of the Reggae Roast family, performing at Glastonbury, touring in Europe,
playing a set at Dub Mission in San Francisco and being a part of the Moonshine Records compilation: ‘Steppin Forward’.

RR – What was the 1st Reggae record you ever bought?

Bazil: Ini Kamoze – Ini Kamoze (1984),

Steve: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Uprising (1980)

RR –  Your podcast includes a number of very rare Digital riddims, what is it about that sound that inspires you?

Steve: I think Bazil is the better man to answer that question being that we used all of his records for the mix! Bazil was actually on the scene in the 80’s when those tracks were just coming out.

Bazil: My friends and I would regularly travel up to Hackney in London and go to The Shenola Club and see Soundsystems like Unity Hi-Fi with: Kenny Knotts, Richie Davis, Flinty Badman & DC Ninja (later to be known as the Ragga Twins), we would also check: Gemmy Magic, Saxon Sound and Bodyguard. When we weren’t in London we would go to session at The West Indian Centre in Gloucester and The Blues at Ajax in Bristol.  Another “huge” influence was the Rodigan and Barry G’s legendary radio sound clash in 1985. I was inspired by freshness and raw experimentation of the productions. The tracks on this mix are all tunes that were played at those dances and we have gathered a little selection of rare vinyl from that time, many of which are very expensive and hard to get. (We have more in the vaults!)

RR – Vinyl or Digital?

We say both! The ultimate is vinyl, for sound quality and warmth. Releasing music on vinyl is so much more significant as it is a physical thing and what we grew up on it. We also value digital as a way to easily test our tunes in the dance and then make adjustments back in the studio. If we had to press dubplates every time it wouldn’t be very cost effective, also a lot of clubs don’t maintain their record decks very well these days, so for us it is better to play WAV files burned to CD.

RR – Who are your influences within the Reggae world? Who are your favourite Soundsystems and why?


Influences- Scientist, King Tubby, King Jammy, Linval Thompson, Channel One, Rodigan & Barry G.

Favorite Soundsystems – Unity, Saxon, Gemmy Magic, Bodyguard (explained above) and  Channel One for a proper Roots experience


Influences- Scientist, Lee Perry, anything Channel One, anything Studio One, the movie: Rockers, Wackies, RSD (Rob Smith), OSC, Radikal Guru, Mungos Hi-Fi, Curtis Lynch, too many to list!
Favorite Soundsystems – Channel One (Roots), King Shiloh (best in Europe), Mungo’s Hi-Fi (the new school)

RR –  What’s next for you guys?

We will be playing in Poland this May for the very first time, We finally have our first release on Reggae Roast coming out (Sound So Wicked with remixes by 6BLOCC and Violinbwoy)!

We also have remixes coming out on various labels like Lion’s Den, Onehundred Years, Bracket Records and for the band YESKING. We are looking forward to performing at some festivals this summer like One Love and Glastonbury. We have a load of our own new material that we will be releasing this year including a second track we did with Linval Thompson!

RR – Top three tracks at the moment?


Cultural Roots – Run Around Lover

Major King – Jahoviah

Dave Robinson – Aligator Tears

Wayne Smith – Ism Skism


Kalbata & Mixmonster – Inna Skateland (Feat. Puddy Roots)

Mr.Williamz – Miss Brown

Capital City Rockers – Buddy Bye 2014 (Feat: Johnny Osbourne) [6BLOCC RaggaTrap Refix]

RR – Any shout outs / Big ups?

WOW! So Many! Ok to start, Big up and nuff love to our whole Reggae Roast Family: James Harper, Adam Prescott, Ramon Judah, Bongo Chris and Clapper Priest.

Nuff respect to the whole UK Reggae and Bass scene! DJ Crises, Mindstep Music, King’s Hi-Fi, Mowty Mahlyka aka Dark Angel, Parly B, Tradesman & Danny T, Only Joe, Unit 137, Hylu & Jago, Hundred Years, Papa B, Galak,  Mark Dialect, Tim Dub Boy, Charlie P, Tenja Steven, Ed West, Sleepy Time Ghost, DJ Syte, Lowki, Ben Alpha, J-Star, Stingray Studios, RSD, DJ Madd, Kenny Knotts, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Dub Smugglers, Curtis Lynch, Mr. Williamz, Brother Culture, David Rodigan, Channel One Soundsystem, Brigadier JC, J:Kenzo, David Hill(Rootikal)
Leo Sampson, Riddim Tuffa, Dub Dynasty, Stink Like Sock, MC Ishu, Ras Tuffy, Ras Taliman, Rodney P, Soothsayers, Jack Curtis, Nick Manasseh, Donovan Kingjay, Ruben Da Silva, Jah Bigs, Johnny Dubhunter, Stardelta Mastering, Black Market Records, Conscious Sound Bush Chemists, Roots Factory, Freshly Baked, Dubkasm, Solo Banton, YT, The Deep End, Highest Grade Sound, Bare Safe, Aeon Festival, Earl Gateshead, Hold It Photography, Version Girl, Paz Ranking, Jah Powered Radio

Bless up our international Fam: Mack Moonshine, Radikal Guru, Maikal X, Mel (Memphis Tenpro), Ras Lion (Lion’s Den), Simon Strictly Dub, Sep (Dub-mission), Roommate, Max Powa, Violin Bwoy, 6BLOCC, Dub Gabriel, Chris (Brothers Dub), Jacky Murda, Suns Of Dub, Serious Dub (Romania), Cian Finn, Linval Thompson, Robert Rankin, Maneesh, Wayne Jarret, Bun Zero, Crusty Locks, Adrians’s Wall, Dub Docters, Solomonic Sound System (Philly),Prince Alla, Rod Taylor and Fleck!

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