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Chopstick Dubplate Exclusive Mix & Interview

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In anticipation of their new ‘Wanted’ LP we caught up with the Chopstick Dubplate crew and asked them a few questions……They have also done an exclusive mix for us which is at the bottom of this page :)

RR: For those of our followers who’ve not heard of Chopstick Dubplate before could you introduce the members of the crew?
CD: The Chopstick Dubplate collective is made up of Jacky Murda from Honolulu, Tuffist from Brooklyn NY, and Aries from Birmingham UK.

RR: You’ve all got quite established careers of your own, how did you start making music together?
CD: Jacky knew Tuffist from when the Chopstick studio was operating in Brooklyn NY. A few years later, Tuff was livin in Barcelona, and Jacky moved to Spain. Soon after Tuff joined Chopstick. About a year later Jacky met Aries in Birmingham, and they started collaborating on music together and became friends. Eventually Tuff met him too, we all started working together, and Aries joined the crew.. so for the past 5 years or so the lineup has been us.

RR: Tell us a bit about the idea behind the album and how was it working with Mr. Williamz?
CD: After working with vocalists in NYC and Jamaica, we wanted to make an album that reflected our experience here in the UK, and our love for that foundation dancehall period in the late 80’s. Collection of tapes of dances from that period is one of our favorite hobbies and sources of inspiration. Jacky met Williamz up in Leeds at a Sub Dub, and soon after it was decided to make an LP. Aries and Jacky built the riddims, after Jacky worked with Williamz writing the melody, lyrics and arrangement… and finishing mixdown with Aries..  It was great fun working all together!

RR: You’ve had a really busy summer, were there any standout gigs?
CD: This summer’s standout show would have to be Boomtown Fair. They built the most crazy stage that looked like a pre-columbian temple rising out of the jungle…10 of us onstage, 7 vocalists.. a wicked crowd of around 10,000 people…The sound was incredible.

RR: Any funny stories from the road?
CD: Hahaha! What happens on the road stays on the road ;)

RR: What are your thoughts on the UK Reggae based music scene at the moment and where do you see it going in the future?
CD: The UK has always supported its own music – they listen to  and respect homegrown talent. As a result the music industry is very healthy here. There’s so many talented artists, and great social communication. We love to collaborate, so the UK offers us a unique opportunity to work with people who already know each other in the context of our music.

RR: Is there anything you want to say on the big Vinyl / Digital debate?
CD: I guess we feel that the whole debate is a bit silly. Whatever tool lends itself to the performer should be used. Jacky rebuilt a lathe and used to only go out with acetates in order to play his tunes, however that was mainly because at the time CDJs were shit. Dubplates are expensive! A lot of people use CDJs now and it’s an acceptable alternative for many. Freshly made tunes need to be played..Aries used to have to play a lot more on CDJs before Serato.  However, all of us have eventually returned to the vinyl interface as our preferred choice for performance. We also spend some time in Ableton Live for our live shows, and in this circumstance theres no need for the vinyl interface..

RR: Who are your ‘Ones to watch’ for 2014?
CD: The younger guys in our crew have been makin some moves recently. Mr Gold aka Gold Dubs has been workin a lot with  Aries, their old friends since longtime.. Gold’s been killin it with our boy King Yoof, releasing some wicked 140 jungle on Subslayers. Jacky and Tuffist share a house in Spain with Max Powa. Max and Jacky have a live dubbing project called JingBong Ting, and Max has been droppin some quality original dub on his Powa Cuts imprint. Recently Tuff and Powa have been creating irresistible hip hop ragga mashups you’ll soon be hearing…

RR: What are your top 3 tracks of the year so far?

– Worldwide Traveller feat Top Cat and Mr Williamz – Chopstick Dubplate
– Chem Trails feat Lionart – Aries and Gold
– Jungle Allstars feat Congo Natty Family – Benny Page Mix

RR: What’s next for the Chopstick posse?
CD: This weekend we’re gonna film the video for our latest single Worldwide Traveller, expect some entertaining shenanigans from that.. Then it’s back into the studio. After smashing dubplates for the past year, we’ve started recording an EP with Leftfield’s Cheshire Cat. We’re currently building some tunes for Tenor Fly’s forthcoming “Born Again” with Congo Natty, and started the writing on our next big full length for end of next year, which will feature all the people we’ve been workin with recently, together, like 20 or more vocalists..In the meantime we’re out there doin shows on the weekends, and we got a few nice nice things planned for next year…..

To kick start your week check out the Reggae Roast exclusive mix from Chopstick Dubplate below……

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Perilous ‘Deep Roots 45’s’ (Parts 1,2 & 3) Mix

Sumting real bless for your Friday! Selecta Perilous coming with some heavy, deep and righteous Roots music.

Remember it’s Sunday Skank this weekend and we’ve managed to get Perilous to haul some of his massive collection of 45’s over to the Lock Tavern inna Camden. More info on that HERE.

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RR Podcast Volume 1: Adam Prescott – Roots & Culture

We’ve lined up a series of regular podcasts from some of the most revered and respected selectors from all over the world which we’ll be sharing with you over the course of the coming months.

Kicking us off is our very own Roots enthusiast, Adam Prescott, presenting a strictly vinyl selection. Played on one deck with space echo & dub siren inna authentic style & fashion this is one for the Roots crew!!

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Reggae Roast Vs Dub Smugglers Live Mix!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 1st session with the Dub Smugglers inna Manchester the other day! Those who missed it missed out! However don’t fret we just happened to record the session! Check below for the stream…….

Reggae roast and dub smugglers set 1 by Dub Smugglers on Mixcloud

Reggae Roast and Dub Smugglers Live Part 2 by Dub Smugglers on Mixcloud

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FREE Unit 137 promo mix for our i Prep for Jamdown on 11th May

Unit 137 one of London’s most exciting new sound systems and labels are key players in the huge revival of Reggae in the UK over recent years and continue to release big tracks as well as put on Big dances.

They have been an important element to our Jamdown sessions in Brixton since they began nearly 2 years ago bringing a mix of dancehall, dub, gungle and hip hop to the Plan B basement on their very own Unit 137 soundsystem.

Reggae Roast Jamdown info and tickets.

In preparation for our next dance Jago and Hylu have kindly put together this TUFF mix showcasing the labels releases plus cuts from other key players. check it!

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Part2Style: Reggae Roast Eastside Promo Mix! FREE DOWNLOAD

In anticipation of the start of their World Tour, PART2STYLE have kindly recorded this promo mix especially for the 1st leg of the tour @ BAR A BAR for Reggae Roast: Eastside…..

1. Solo Banton & Charlie P – Are You Ready (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
2. Mr Williamz – Musically Mad (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
3. Super Cat – Scalp Dem (PART2STYLE REFIX)
4. Garnett Silk – Lion Heart (PART2STYLE REFIX)
5. Cutty Ranks – Pon Pause (PART2STYLE REFIX)
6. General Levy – The Wig (PART2STYLE REFIX)
7. Soom T – Ganja (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
8. Part2Style – Want Come Test (Feat. Solo Banton & Charlie P) [Adam Prescott Remix]
9. Part2Style – Run Down Dada (Feat. Mr Williamz)
10. Part2Style – Original Babaloo (Feat. Daddy Freddy)
11. Part2Style – Run Up The World (Feat. Kenny Knots)
12. Tippa Irie & Daddy Colonel – Tippa & The Colonel Once Again (PART2STYLE REMIX)
13. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
14. Alborosie – Tokyo Town (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
15. Max Romeo – Chase The Devil (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
16. Horace Andy – Man Next Door (PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)


WEBSITE –…e-w-part2style


Limited £6 Early Bird Tickets | £8 Advanced Tickets | £10 On The Door


Returning to the infamous Bar-A-Bar yet again we have really pulled out all the stops on this one. We have invited Japan’s notorious Ragga champions Part2Style to play an exclusive mix of dubplates on the dangerous Rubberdub Soundsystem.

Reggae Roast East-Side is back, bigger and better than before.

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Rompa’s Reggae Shack @ Snowbombing 2013!

Rompa’s Reggae Shack was an idea conceived in 2011 and was launched at Snowbombing 2012 with help from the festivals organisers by James Rompani aka Rompa from the ever succesful London bass brand Urban Nerds. 5000 feet in the mountains RRS is a welcome Snowbombing retreat serving up rum and reggae in all is forms, now in it’s second year at Snowbombing RRS has established itself one of the top mountain retreats at the festival and saw the likes of Mistajam, Mr. Motivator, Tayo, The Dub Pistols, DJ Oneman and many more taking to the turn table to share some of their favourite reggae riddims in it’s first year. 2013 is no different and sees an all-star DJ line-up including current house Don, Eats Everything, playing a special ragga jungle set, also appearing is Mistajam or “Mistajammin” which is his newly adopted Rompa’s Reggae Shack alias. There is also a special treat in the form of an exclusive reggae set by Breach and Artwork who will be going back to back selecting some righteous reggae riddims. We can’t wait………and if you can’t either check out a new mix by recent addition, Max Powa.

For more info check HERE


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The Heatwave Promo mix for our 5th Birthday Bash – 9th Feb 2013 at PLan B

The Heatwave have just put together this exclusive promo mix for us in preparation for our MASSIVE 5th Birthday Bash at Plan B, Brixton on Sat 9th Feb.


***Free Illustrated People/Reggae Roast T-Shirt for first 50 people through the Door** **In association with Wray & Nephews & Illustrated People***



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General Levy Live @ Reggae Roast NYE party – FREE DOWNLOAD

For those that missed it, or anyone who wishes to relive the amazing vibes inna di place at Big Chill House on NYE, we have just put this mix up for free download of the incredible General Levy performing live at our new years eve party. Run go tell a fren.


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Disorda’s Dub Chronicles #26

Friend of the label & long time bad man selecta, Disorda, steps out into 2013 in fine style! Featuring a few of the latest Reggae Roast releases and more heavyweight selection than you can shake a stick at!!

Dub Chronicles #26 (Kane FM) by Disorda : Suspect Packages on Mixcloud

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