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Vibronics – Dem A Fight (Feat. Lion Warriah)

Brand new Vibronics!

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Unique Vs. Popular Casino Games

Online casinos transform the ordinary screens of your laptop or other devices into fun factories that bring you joy and more importantly, winnings. While new and exciting games get released by casinos each day, no self respecting online casino would dare ignore the success of age old gaming classics like poker or roulette. The battle between old and new is very much an opinionated one, with some players preferring to stick to the traditional, and others consistently requiring unique and varying gaming. 

Traditional gaming, which have featured in casinos for centuries, have become a must have for any online platform, as most players understand and are familiar with these games. The likes of craps, baccarat and poker have withstood the test of time for a reason; people love and enjoy playing them. The odds of winning with these games also increase as the greater the understanding of the game at hand, the greater the chances of succeeding at that game.

These traditional games however fall under the risk of becoming outdated. Graphics and animations must be kept up to date and constantly improved upon with the online versions of these games, in order to insure that newer games don’t overshadow the old.

Most players share in the joy of new content which allows them to try and experience new things.  Some players express certain boredom with the traditional games, and pressure is placed upon online casinos such as Jackpots online casino, 32 Red, Betfred, Playtech to release new material over and over again.  These new games may bring to life different promotional offers, new bonuses and unique means of play. These new titles contain exclusive graphics and animations to electrify game play.

One should always consider that the most important aspect of gaming is personal enjoyment, therefore ultimately, your own personal preference will dictate whether you will prefer the unique or the popular types of games. You can do so by checking out UK’s Finest Online Casino for 2016, they have plenty of online casino games for all type of players.

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Tune Of The Day! Wake Di Town – After Laughter (Feat. Nichola Richards)

Serious! Check this Reggae cover of the classic Wendy Rene track ‘After Laughter’, out now on 7″ vinyl from our friends over at Wake Di Town.

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Modern Reggae

There is music everywhere in life nowadays. On the streets, in our headphones, blasting out from the TV and even in our food! There is a lot of generic pop out there but there is a growing reggae influenced sound and this can really stand out when being played. We focus on how reggae and is developing and becoming more commonplace within popular. Also we look at how this games and applications are embracing reggae music within the current climate, examples of this are a new online casino game as well as some lazy reggae stereotypes.

There is a lot of generic pop out there but it has evolved quite remarkably to the modern consumer. Take Justin Bieber, once a US teen singer with a background in Disney he has recently occupied both the No1 and No2 slot in the UK charts. But how!?! By linking in with modern DJ’s who give them a massive crossover sound! The track which evolved the Biebe was his track “Where are U now” which was co produced by Skrillex and Diplo in their Jack U project. This catapulted Justin to a new audience and has proven the catalyst for his new album to do so well. Diplo, who worked with Bieber is a massive Dj and he often uses samples and influences from Reggae in his work. A clear indicator of this is his track with Major Lazer track ‘Light it Up’ – reggae and the Jamaican sound is now massively popular and used extensively in dance circles as it provides a different angle, it’s great to see.

WIth reggae music evolving in 2015 and 2016 it’s great that it has moved on from the slight stereotype of Shaggy and his rather poppy edge which was becoming a caricature of itself. There is far more depth to reggae than Bob Marley and Shaggy and new audiences understand this clearly. Reggae, and its music have a partnership with popular games too. Within mobile games you can find the Jamaican sound, the popular Disco Dollars mobile slot has a real Jamaican edge to it as well as a 70’s disco sound. A soon to be released game (Bolt Riley) is a 2D point and click adventure – the player takes on the character of a reggae legend – this game takes key iconic aspects from Jamaican culture and tries to create a fun experience.

Reggae has often been a niche musical movement but in the modern age music lovers are a lot more willing to step outside their comfort sound and try new genres. This has resulted in pop becoming far more varied as proved by Diplo’s Jamaican influences. This greater willingness to listen to new sounds has helped the pop world take in reggae sounds and spin them for the current listener, this in turn has made reggae in gaming more prominent too. Music within games is important as it can sign-post a listener to great music and this can lead to an ever improving reggae sound.

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Tune Of The Day – Busy Singnal – The Gambler

Tune Of The Day – The Gambler – Busy Signal

Tune of the day today come courtesy of Busy Signal – This reggae meets country cover of the Kenny Rogers original is something bit different from one of Jamaicas leading dancehall artists. Tune on to Rodigans show on the BBC to hear the newest and best Reggae from JA to UK and beyond.

If this puts you in the mood for a little flutter Netbet is the place to go where you can play all the slots, poker and more from the comfort if your own home.

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Tune Of The Day – Jahkron – Big 45 EP

Brand new banger out of the NICE UP! camp, coming from Israeli newcomer Jahrkon. Big heavy bass and jungle vibes are all over this, with a nice nod to the old school by way of some old soundclash samples. Brazil’s Jam Thieves go hard on the remix for the title track “Big 45” featuring UK mic veteran Rubi Dan – looking forward to hearing more from this producer!


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Tune Of The Day! Gregory Isaacs – Mr. Know It All

The Cool Ruler!

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Tune Of The Day! Judah Eskender Tafari – Land Of Confusion (Ticklah Remix)

More fire outta the Liondub camp!

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Tune Of The Day! – Serious – The Hempolics (RackNRuin’s Digi-Dub Remix)

Today we have one from the Reggae Roast Archives – The digi-dub remix from the first Reggae Roast Vinyl Release ‘Serious’ by the Hempolics. Produced by RackNRuin from Gorgon City who are making big waves at the moment with Radio 1 Playlist and signed to Black Butter Records. TUFF!


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Haircut – Jamaica Stylee

Dis how to cut a jimmy Jamaica style…Ya zimmy

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