Reggae Roast – Tonight (Feat. Earl 16)

After a huge year in 2014 with the launch of our incredible Soundsystem, plus sell out shows across the UK, we’re are starting 2015 with a bang with the release of our new single “Tonight”.

Combining forces with Earl 16, one of the most legendary singers in the UK, Reggae Roast have produced an exquisite cover of the classic “Tonight” by Kieth & Tex, originally produced by Derrick Harriott in the 1960’s, during Jamaica’s Rocksteady golden era. This upbeat digital interpretation brings the track right into the 21st century and is sure to get the people dem skanking!


Side A: Reggae Roast – Tonight (Feat. Earl 16)

Side B – Reggae Roast – Tonight’s Version

Reggae Roast
Catalogue No. - RR022
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Vinyl - Includes MP3 Download
  • Reggae Roast - Tonight (Feat. Earl 16) 7" Test Press Vinyl
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  • Reggae Roast - Tonight (Feat. Earl 16) 7" Vinyl
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  • Tonight (Feat. Earl 16) Full Release
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  • Tonight (Feat. Earl 16)
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  • Tonight's Version
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